No answer, is not an answer…

Being a job seeker is most definitely one of those uncomfortable times in life… whether you lost your job because of a pandemic crisis or made a bet on finding a better position and a better life, you can’t help feeling bare naked, vulnerable and to the mercy of those employers on the market.

Sometimes, things flow… you leave your old job, you seize the perfect opportunity and you get it straight away.

However, most of the time, success comes with unprecedented consistency in believing in yourself and your applications.

But how… how are we supposed to believe in ourselves when we feel weak, distressed by the uncertainty of tomorrow? When, in the glimpse of an eye, all sort of normality has vanished and you are at home hoping for the last application to finally work out. Because, let us face it, you might have the soft skills (yes ! You are organized, on time and a great co-worker) AND you have the hard skills through your experience or your training, … BUT it’s your 5th application and you have had no answer at all.

Not even a no.

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A Good Resume is the Key to Success during Job Hunting

If you are job hunting, you know how frustrating the process can be.

You spend hours of your time writing down your qualifications. You tailor each application to the job opening. You sell yourself to the employer with everything you have. Then you refresh your inbox waiting for them to respond.

Then you never hear from the company again.

For many people, the worst part is not that they did not get an interview; it is that they had not even had a response.
No feedback, no promise to keep your resume on file, not even a confirmation that someone had read your application.

Just a complete silence.

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